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The Donnersberg

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The Donnersberg is about 687 m. It’s the highest hill in the northern Pfalz between Rockenhausen and Kirchheimbolanden.

 It’s highest place is called Königsstuhl. Looks like a thron - with a little bit of phantasie.

The “ Keltenwall “, a Celts Bank, consists of an East- and West Bank and was repaired for two times by the
Celts. Inside this Bank they built a quadrangular earthwork. This is a unique building. By the “Schlackenwall”,
a volcanic cinder, as from year 2004, there are excavations to prove, that the Celts are producing glassware.
First results showed, that the Celts used Rhyolith in ovens to produce glass.

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The Ludwigsturm

Built in 1864-65. 900 m eastside Königsstuhl built by an “pfälzisches Tower-
buildingscommitee”. The height of this tower is 27 m.
1952 it had to be restored.
Now the Ludwigsturm is attended by te “Donnersbergverein”.

The Televisiontower

built in 1961/62 near by the Ludwigsturm.
The heigth of this tower is 204,84 m and is constructed with reinforce concrete.

The tower is used for Television and Radio and is the landmark from Donnersberg.