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Ramsen is public since 1146 with the monastery of Ramsen. After a changeable story, within the almost quite destruction in the 30 years war, Ramsen increased to the second biggest community of upper Eistal. After occupation from frenchmen 1793 the monastery got property of community. The remains got public selling by auction. The protestant church was built 1907, the catholic follows 1913. The newly constructed "Eistal-Railway" (1927-1932) brings economic uplift to the community. Meanwhile the traffic was stopped. It was reactivated in 1995 between Grünstadt-Eisenberg-Ramsen.
1996 a "Kneipp"- facility was built at Kleehof.
Ramsen has a little narrow-gauge train, which runs from april to october between Kleehof and Eiswoog.

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